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Activities in the Reserve

These are some of the proposals designed for your stay in San Sebastián de la Selva,
and for which we are recognized as a tourist destination. These activities are free and are included in the price of your stay, we invite you to visit us and enjoy them!


Nature Photography

If your passion is nature and wildlife photography, San Sebastián de la Selva offers you the opportunity to explore the rainforest of Misiones, discovering its amazing fauna and flora on our network of trails or walking with our guides.

In addition, we have special feeders in the lodge area where you can photograph many species of birds from a very short distance, achieving great portraits and photographs with great detail (high feeding season from May to September).



With some 329 registered native birds (32.9% of the birds in Argentina), San Sebastián de la Selva is considered one of the places with more species in our country and a dream destination for beginners or expert birders from all over the world. If you like birdwatching, our guides will accompany you on the trails to discover the biodiversity of the rainforest.



In San Sebastian de la Selva we have a circuit of more than 10 km of trails specially designed to achieve a more intimate contact with nature, touring the different landscapes that make up the Reserve, in a safe and organized way.

From a small interpretative trail in the vicinity of the Lodge, to more extensive walks that cover the entire length of the reserve.


Our Reserve is a privileged site for astrophotography and astronomy. According to experts, San Sebastián de la Selva is considered a Class 2 site on the Bortle Scale (the scale that measures light pollution in the skies), which makes it an ideal destination for stargazing.

Stargazing is the perfect end to a day full of activities. But the night is not only an invitation to rest: our night observation trips will make you discover a world unimaginable during the day.



Touring our lake or the stream in canoes will give you an excellent opportunity to observe capybaras and some species of birds approaching from another angle, enjoying an unmissable tour that shows different areas of our Reserve.

An experience to enjoy alone, as a couple, with family or friends that will undoubtedly remain in your memory.



San Sebastián de la Selva has an ideal environment to connect with the surrounding nature, take a break from the routine and meet again with emotions and desires.

An inspiring and different stay, in the heart of the missionary rainforest, surrounded by sounds and colors, to take a break from everyday life, alone, with friends or family, creating unique moments to remember forever.

Excursions in the area

These are some alternative activities that we offer you to do from our reserve.

Subject to weather conditions and availability of the provider of each service.

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