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Conserving & Regenerating the Rainforest

San Sebastian de la Selva was originally a farm dedicated to forestry and cattle ranching. These practices were the cause of the complete deforestation of 30% of its total area, which had a negative impact on the normal functioning of the ecosystem.


With the creation of the Private Reserve in 2009, the first step was taken towards the recovery of the environment by removing cattle ranching from the area. Since then, from our environmental company  Bayka ,  we have been actively working through different programs for the regeneration of the Misiones rainforest and the conservation of its biodiversity.

What do we do?


Carbon footprint

We work together with companies and individuals interested in offsetting their emissions with programs based on the regeneration of the Misiones rainforest, reforesting with native species.



Researching, surveying and recording native fauna helps to learn about the biodiversity in the reserve, to understand the problems and how environmental improvements affect their populations.



We started the Project for the Reintroduction of Pacas and Agoutis, two extremely valuable species due to their role as seed dispersers and their function as environmental restorers.



We work in the regeneration of the rainforest through plantations of native species, together with NGOs, companies and people committed to the conservation of this environment.



We carry out constant monitoring with camera traps in key areas of the Reserve, to obtain data on the species that inhabit it, analyze behaviors and estimate populations.


Natives Nursery

Intended to reproduce specimens with seeds collected in the Reserve, which allows us to replicate native species in large numbers, for later planting in the recovered areas.

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En Números

The Reserve in Numbers


of the birds
  in Argentina

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of amphibians
 in Misiones

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of mammals
present in Misiones

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native trees
planted in the Reserve

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Private Reserve Network

The Argentine Network of Private Nature Reserves is the first initiative in the country that integrates private reserves and civil society organizations committed to the conservation of natural and cultural values on privately owned lands.

Since 2018, San Sebastián de la Selva has been a member of this Network that promotes and strengthens the voluntary integration of these conservation projects throughout Argentina.

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